New details on suspect arrested in Germantown explosives incident

GERMANTOWN (WITI) -- Germantown police say they discovered hundreds of explosives inside a Germantown home -- and authorities spent most of Wednesday removing those explosives from the home. Meanwhile, a 33-year-old man is in custody in connection with the explosives, and FOX6 News is learning more about him and his lifelong battle with mental illness.

The explosives were removed and detonated, and now, neighbors and officials are wondering why those explosives were left inside the home.

On Wednesday, FOX6 News spoke with the suspect's family. He has not yet been charged, so FOX6 News has chosen not to identify him at this time.

The man is said to be no stranger to police.

"We've had a number of contacts with him. Other law enforcement agencies have had contacts with him, so we are familiar with him," Germantown Police Chief Peter Hoell said.

The suspect's rap sheet stretches back to 1999, and includes criminal damage to property, disorderly conduct, battery and dozens of traffic violations -- but nothing to suggest any past history with explosives.

"They weren't used or intended to be used to cause someone harm, at this point we don't believe that's the case," Chief Hoell said.

The suspect's criminal history includes one conviction of fleeing from police, which suggests an internal struggle. A criminal complaint states police asked him why he ran. He reportedly stated he believed President Bush, Dick Cheney and Condaleeza Rice have a conspiracy against him.

FOX6 News also uncovered an autobiography of the suspect, in which he writes of a lifelong battle with mental illness.

One passage of the introduction reads: "Maybe there is no conspiracy and I'm just a raving lunatic."

Later on, he writes: "Maybe I'm sane and evil people have been trying to kill me, poison me, slander me and push me out of the land where I was born and raised"

While a potential mental illness doesn't fully explain what the man was doing with explosives, his mother says she may know the answer. She says her son had recently told her he was going into the business of fireworks. When asked, Chief Hoell said the devices could be described as fireworks. However, it appears they are more than just bottle rockets.

"There would've been a substantial explosion if our subject, who we have under arrest, made a mistake or mixed something wrong," Chief Hoell said.

Charges could be filed in this case as early as Thursday. The suspect is currently being held in the Washington County Jail on a felony count of possession of explosive devices.