New Berlin police try to solve theft of catalytic converters

NEW BERLIN (WITI) -- The New Berlin Police Department is trying to stop the theft of catalytic converters and batteries from work vehicles, mainly in industrial park or work site areas. More than a dozen businesses have been hit.

A catalytic converter is a part of a car's exhaust system -- and contains metals that are valuable in scrap.

"We know they're being scrapped. Obviously some of the scrap yards are complicit in it in accepting these and they're creating a market for it so we're really asking them to knock it off," said Dan Hanlon of the New Berlin Police Department.

At one business, 200 brake rotors were taken along with truck batteries, a skid steer and other heavy-duty equipment.

Hector Loyo believes his car painting business, right in the heart of the targeted area, has not been hit for one reason.

"We have cameras basically everywhere outside our building and a lot of exterior lighting," said Loyo.

If you have suspicious vehicles on your property, you're encouraged to call New Berlin police -- or at the very least write down the plate numbers and keep a log so they can check on those vehicles when crimes happen at a business.