New Berlin high school student suspended for actions at basketball game

NEW BERLIN (WITI) -- Students at one New Berlin high school find themselves at the center of controversy after wearing Drug Abuse Resistance Education or DARE t-shirts to a basketball game.

A week ago, a New Berlin West boys basketball coach was allegedly caught possessing marijuana on school grounds. In response, a group of New Berlin Eisenhower students wore the t-shirts to Tuesday's game against West. A school district spokesperson says when administrators asked the students to conceal their shirts, some refused and were asked to leave. One student made an inappropriate gesture -- and was suspended from attending Friday's game.

The parents of the student that was suspended tell FOX6 News their son knows he was wrong -- and regrets the action. They say he was frustrated that his efforts to be the best "superfan" had been thwarted.

Meanwhile, a statement from the School District of New Berlin reads in part:

"Part of good sportsmanship, as defined by WIAA, is being respectful to the game, event and others. It also includes not taunting or ridiculing others. We expect our student fans to support their team and their school, and not to make a mockery of a rival school, especially given the sensitivity of the circumstances related to the coaching situation."

According to social media chatter, a lot of New Berlin Eisenhower students planned to wear tie-dye shirts to Friday night's boys basketball game as a show of solidarity. The district's spokesperson says the district is okay with that because the opponent Friday night is not New Berlin West.