New Amur tiger arrives at the Milwaukee County Zoo

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County Zoo’s recent acquisition, a male Amur tiger named Strannik, from the Toledo Zoo, is now on display.

Strannik, a Russian word meaning “pilgrim,” arrives with a recommendation to breed with Amba, one of the Zoo’s current females, and the mother to the Zoo’s last tiger litter born in 2009.  He enjoys a diet of about 12.5 pounds of meat daily.


Born in February 2003 at Utah’s Hogle Park Zoo, 13-year-old Strannik weighs approximately 400 pounds, and is in great condition.  Keepers at the Milwaukee County Zoo report they love working with him, and even though it took a bit of time for him to acclimate to his new keepers and surroundings, he’s now a “giant baby.”  They’ve noticed his chuffing sounds directed at the Zoo’s female tigers.  Chuffing is a non-threatening vocalization between cats to express a type of greeting or excitement.

Visitors can see Strannik sporadically, either in the indoor or outdoor displays, as he will rotate exhibit time with the three female tigers.