Never lose your AirPods again with this new accessory

The latest creation from the guy who created the original wide angle lens for the iPhone!

Two years ago, I profiled an inventor named Patrick O'Neill. He’s the guy that came up with a simple idea, a wide angle lens that attaches to the iPhone.

The Olloclip sold millions, enabling iPhone photographers worldwide to get even more creative with their snapshots.

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"Prototyped it in my kitchen for about a year and launched it on Kickstarter in 2011. It was incredible to see what they did with our product," says O'Neill.

8 years later an ultra wide angle lens is now built into Apple’s latest iPhone 11!

Now, the self-professed Apple fanatic is creating a new company called Jura. It’s first product called the Jura Anchor, a way to keep track of your AirPods!

"Connect it to your belt loop, connect it to your handbag, your backpack, you always know where it is. The beauty of this is that it doesn’t add any bulk to the AirPods, it just snaps in and there you go" says O'Neill.

The lightweight clip sells for $19 in metal and $29 dollars for titanium.

"There are other accessories for AirPods that help you attach, but traditionally they’re cases and a case for a case is going to create extra bulk," mentions James Wharton, co-founder of Jura.

Like his last project O’Neill is turning once again to Kickstarter!

"Everything is already in production now. We just need the kickstarters to put the fuel in the rocket so we can launch it," says O'Neill.

With plans to deliver Jura Anchor just in time for the holidays!

"I make products that I want to use so I make things for myself as an avid Apple users, that I think other avid apple users will appreciate," says O'Neill.