'Never forgotten:' Sheboygan Burger King hosts fundraiser for family of 9-year-old killed by garbage truck

SHEBOYGAN -- Customers poured into the Burger King restaurant on Erie Avenue in Sheboygan Monday afternoon, Oct. 28, but it wasn't your typical lunchtime rush. The crowd didn't really come for the burgers and fries. They packed the restaurant to support the family of Roman Martin, 9, struck by a garbage truck and killed on Oct. 9.

Scott Grob, general manager, gave away 20% of profits Monday to benefit the family.

"It will be going strong all day," said Grob.

It was a gesture of kindness in the wake of tragedy.

"It connects us all," said Grob.

Roman Martin's route to school took him past the restaurant. On Monday, his picture and balloons in his favorite color lined the sidewalk to honor his memory.

"The loss of a child is absolutely the worst thing I think anyone can go through," said Grob.

Nicole Lukaszewski

Word of the fundraiser quickly spread outside city limits -- straight to Nicole Lukaszewski's heart.

"It's really hard for me to talk about this, but five years ago almost, I lost my little boy in a car accident," said the Sheboygan Falls mother.

Lukaszewski shared a booth with her youngest son and words of encouragement for another mom whose life will also never be the same.

"Time, time does heal the heart," said Lukaszewski. "They are never forgotten, but time does start to heal the heart."

At a place with a menu lined with burgers and fries, this lunch crowd found value in a community hungry to help.

FOX6 News spoke with Roman Martin's mother, Audrey, off-camera, and she said she was planning on stopping by the restaurant later Monday. She wanted everyone who took part to know this effort was awesome.

Meanwhile, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School have partnered with the South Wisconsin District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and established the “Roman Martin Fund” at St. Paul’s. Gifts and donations received will be used to help the family pay for the funeral and other associated costs.  If you would like to donate, CLICK HERE and 100% of the received gifts will be used to support the family, according to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School.

A GoFundMe page was also set up for Roman Martin and his family. CLICK HERE to learn more.