Neighbors upset over plan for Brookfield quarry

BROOKFIELD (WITI) -- People in the city of Brookfield got a closer look Wednesday night, June 19th at a plan to fill a former quarry with waste from highway construction projects.

The area in question is about 85 acres south of Burleigh and east of Lilly Road.

Currently, the old quarry is filled with water, and the area is undeveloped.

Clean fill from places like the Zoo Interchange Project would fill the area.

Once that's done, the area could be developed into housing units.

Brookfield's mayor says there's a lot to consider before it's all approved -- and neighbors don't want it.

"The numbers have been run that we're going to have a truck every four minutes six days a week 12 hours a day bringing a substantial amount of landfill," Brookfield resident Jack Berlinski said.

"It's not a done deal. There hasn't been any action by City Council or the Plan Commission. It has to go through a process," Brookfield Mayor Steve Ponto said.

Brookfield will schedule a public hearing, and then the Plan Commission will take everything into consideration and make a recommendation to the Common Council.

A decision is expected by the end of summer.