Neighbors unite against violence in Metcalf Park neighborhood

MILWAUKEE -- Neighbors gathered in Milwaukee's Metcalf Park neighborhood Thursday, June 21st to rally against violence. Organizers say it was a way to bring people together on a united front, and take back the neighborhood.

It felt more like a block party on Thursday evening as neighbors gathered to bring awareness to recent violence in the area.

The neighborhood was the site of a recent triple shooting during which three teens were shot near Christian Fellowship Church on June 13th.

At the end of May, Milwaukee police investigated human remains found in a sewer in the area as DPW crews were performing routine maintenance.

"We want to take our neighborhood back from crime and criminals," one neighbor said.

"We've been plagued with violence. We've been plagued with poverty. We've been plagued with unemployment," organizer Duril White said.

White is one of those who hopes to change the neighborhood's perception as several people joined hands to promote peace and unity for their community.

"We're just trying to get back to the old way of neighborhood and community involvement -- where we know each other and can rely on each other and hand each other different resources and just look out for one another. We just want to get people out of their house so if we can get them out we can get them the information," White said. 

Those who gathered also worked to spread the word about different events this summer -- along with opportunities for a better life.

"We want a new day and the new day begins today," one neighbor said.

"We feel that it takes the residents to make a difference," White said.

Danell Cross is also trying to solve the problems facing the neighborhood.

"There's some really good people who live here, and we want those people to come out and take their neighborhood back," Cross said.

Thursday was the day they made their voices heard. Organizers say they know much work still has to be done to improve the community.

The Metcalf Park Community Action Team will hold its first Thursday Night Movie in the Park on Tuesday, July 26th.

It will take place at 32nd and Garfield -- the same spot where Thursday night's rally was held.

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