Neighbors report huge police presence when violin suspects arrested

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee Police Chief on Wednesday, February 5th said three individuals have been taken into custody in connection with the stolen $6 million Lipinski Stradivarius violin. FOX6 News is not naming the suspects because they have not been formally charged, but we do know the locations where the suspects were arrested on Monday, February 3rd.

FOX6 News has learned the arrests began shortly after 7:00 a.m. Monday. By noon on Monday, MPD had two men and one woman in custody.

FOX6 News visited the locations where the arrests occurred, and at one of the locations, neighbors recounted a huge police presence on Monday.

Neighbors say they saw an armored car, and dozens of law enforcement officials.

"Oh my God! They had this whole street filled up -- so at least 12 to 15 cars were in here. When I saw that armored vehicle, I didn't know what to think," one neighbor said.

At a second location, where the woman was arrested, neighbors say there were lots of men in suits who surrounded a home. Neighbors thought they were FBI agents, and with so many people, one woman though they were arresting a murderer.

"My son said they had taken someone away in handcuffs. That's all I saw," another neighbor said.

"It was FBI. It was everybody out here," a neighbor said.

Neighbors say the arrests were pretty quick and pretty quiet considering how many law enforcement personnel were on scene.

They say they're shocked it may have to do with the missing violin.

A FOX6 News crew ran into the Department of Family Services at one arrest location, who said the family involved is asking for privacy.

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