Neighbors fed up after thefts, car break-ins on south side

MILWAUKEE -- Some of those living on Milwaukee's south side are saying "enough is enough" after thefts and car break-ins. One woman said she is even thinking about moving, to protect herself and her belongings.

When Damaris Santiago moved into her neighborhood on Milwaukee's south side years ago, one of the things she says she liked about it was the fact that there were a lot of kids and families in the area. Now, Santiago says there are some serious issues in the neighborhood. "They keep breaking into the cars, drunk driving around here. They like to pass really fast. It's been a pretty tough couple of years and it's just sad," Santiago said.

Santiago said she thinks kids should be able to play freely, but criminal activity has prevented that. Santiago said someone stole her truck recently from an alley behind her house and a bike was stolen from her yard.

"(Kids) don't want to come outside because things have been taken from them. Usually, I'm always checking through the window. Every sound that I hear, I'm looking out the window because if it's not my car, it may be my neighbor's car. It's kind of frustrating," Santiago said.

Neighbors in the area say they are concerned, and they're doing everything they can to hold on to their possessions.

Santiago says it's an unfortunate situation, but at this point, all she can do is hope things get better.