Neighbor says woman killed in Sheb. fire went back in for the cat

SHEBOYGAN (WITI) -- One person died and three others were injured Wednesday morning, February 26th after a fire broke out inside a mobile home in Sheboygan. FOX6 News has learned the woman who died in this fire is Dawn Bourdeau. Three others had to be taken to the hospital for treatment of non life-threatening injuries following the fire.

According to officials, the fire began just after midnight at a mobile home on Cheyenne Trail.

"I heard this like 'phoom!' And it kind of shook the trailer," a witness told FOX6 News.

The witness told FOX6 News he was having a quiet night in, watching TV when the fire broke out.

"Another big 'phoom,' and I thought 'what the hell was that?' I jumped up and I stood there for a second and turned the TV down. I didn't hear anything, but I thought I seen flickering," the witness said.

Flames were billowing out of every window and the roof of the trailer across located across from the trailer belonging to this witness.

"All the windows were out, and the ceiling was blowing off and it was just flaming," the witness said.

Commander Gary Kolberg with the Sheboygan Fire Department said a family of four adults lived inn the trailer that caught fire.

"The first reports indicated from our officers that the trailer was in fact about three-quarters involved, and that the person was still trapped inside," Kolberg said.

"All four of them were on their way out, and then the girl went back in for the cat -- and that was it man. Phoom!" the witness said.

Fire officials say Dawn Bourdeau was found dead inside the mobile home, in a hallway near the door.

"I told the family that their daughter didn't make it out. That's not easy to do," Kolberg said.

The Sheboygan Fire Department scheduled a "critical incident stress debriefing" for its members who might need it -- including Kolberg.

"We don't have a lot of fatalities in Sheboygan," Kolberg said.

The cause of the fire has officially been determined to be careless use of smoking materials.

The family lost everything in the fire. A fund has been set up to help the family. Donations will be accepted through any Community Bank and Trust.