Neenah postal worker accused of failing to deliver political mailers connected to Republican campaigns

NEENAH (WITI) -- A postal worker in Neenah is under investigation -- accused of failing to deliver political mailers. The United States Postal Service says it found nearly 900 pieces of campaign mail in a dumpster last week, and all of the flyers were connected to three Republican campaigns.

"It's obviously very disturbing. I paid to have these delivered. I wanted to get my message out to the voters of the 55th District," Republican Assembly candidate Mike Rohrkaste said.

Rohrkaste says he paid $5,000 for that message. He says he called the post office immediately.

"They had a supervisor out within a half hour. This supervisor, she took a lot of pictures, actually got into the dumpster. She collected all the documents. It was filled up with boxes. She took them with her," Rohrkaste said.

The Postal Service would not say if the worker was a man or a woman, or why this happened.

"It does appear that obviously this mail was discarded. So far our investigation has not led to anything involved that this was targeted to any specific candidate or specific party," USPS Special Agent Robert Rukes said.

Special Agent Rukes says no Democratic flyers were found.

Rohrkaste's opponent in the 55th Assembly race says he may know why.

"I have not sent any mailers. I do have television commercials, airing on cable TV," Democratic Assembly candidate Mark Westphal said.

Westphal says he had nothing to do with the incident.

"It's unfortunate that at this late date something like this comes to light, tries to skew what's been a very clean and positive campaign up to this stage," Westphal said.

Rohrkaste says his mail was delivered a day later.

"This shouldn't happen to anybody, regardless of party, you know, or regardless of even if it's a campaign or anything," Rohrkaste said.

Investigators say the postal worker could face five years in jail, and a $50,000 fine.