Nearly 4 months after her escape, community in Barron comes together to support Jayme Closs' recovery

BARRON -- Nearly four months after Jayme Closs, 13, escaped captivity in Douglas County, Wisconsin after she was abducted from her family's home Oct. 15, 2018 in Barron, Wisconsin, people gathered there on Saturday night, May 4 to support Closs and her family.

Closs was abducted by Jake Patterson, who forced his way inside and fatally shot her father and mother. Closs was held in captivity for 88 days until she escaped and ran for help.

The community came together to make sure Closs' aunt and uncle, Bob and Jennifer Smith, have the support they need as they help Jayme Closs with her recovery.

"It's an awesome thing that she was able to free herself and she has got a tough road ahead, but I think she is going to do it, and with the support of the family that she's got and the community, she has got a good chance," said Craig Hamernik of Barron.

Organizers said they received calls from across the country asking how they can help.

On Saturday, they asked for prayers during Closs' recovery.