NBA lockout tentatively over, businesses want deal to be reached

The NBA lockout is tentatively over, an agreement on Saturday to end the lockout means workers and businesses around the Bradley Center should get a boost.

If a deal does get passed, the Bucks could be taking the floor in less than a month. Along with the excitement the players and fans have, workers and area businesses are also enjoying the moment.

A popular restaurant/bar 'Centercourt Bar and Grill' is located near the Bradley Center. Usually around this time they are very busy with the crowds from the games. However, with the lockout, the kitchen is relatively quiet. Chef Dave Knepper says the basketball season usually brings in about 25-30 percent of their business. Centercourt has had to let go of some employees because of the tough times. If the deal is reached, they could soon have their jobs back.

The NBA season could start as soon as Christmas Day. While the season could start nearly two months later than scheduled, the Bradley Center will most likely only lose eight games.