Nature's baptism: A near religious experience

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Lake Michigan is big, it's mighty, and it's a place where some go for a fresh start.

It never comes at the exact same time, but it comes everyday. The sun rising from the horizon bringing a new day, a fresh start, a rebirth. This is nature's baptism, a near religious experience.

At Eastbrook Church, they know a little about religions, and the importance of starting new.

"It's one of the greatest moments I think in the life of our church," said Matt Erickson, Eastbrook Church Pastor.

Followers are taking a step towards the life of a Christian -- by washing away their sin, and rising to a new life.

One after the other, they are submerged into the dark cold waters -- and spring into a new life witnessed by their friends, family and complete strangers.

"It kind of brings us back to a sense of what you see in the Bible. People publicly going town to declare a life change," said Erickson.

It's a celebration of starting new.

"I gave my life to Christ, and I'm going to live my life even more for Christ than I already have been," said Parishioner, Amanda Ford.

But with every dawn, the night eventually falls and a calm still darkness blankets the waters -- but the new Christians can still see the light.