National Guard assures they are not staging soldiers, despite social media rumors

MILWAUKEE -- Fear is being fueled by an email being shared on social media. It claims Homeland Security is mobilizing the National Guard to enforce a two-week quarantine.

Captian Joe Tovano says the email and other rumors of troops spotted gathering in Milwaukee are false.

"No, we have not had any congregations of troops at any public location like that," Trovano said. "At this point, all we`ve had is some troops report of their armories."

The 300 Wisconsin soldiers and airmen that were mobilized on Thursday, March 20 by Gov. Evers are to prepare to help the state department of health.

"We have specialized skills and equipment that could fill a resource gap at the local or state level," Major General Paul Knapp

The troops are spread out at armories across the state, including the 135th Medical Company in Waukesha. The keyword is preparing.

"The missions we are preparing for are largely focused on specimen collection, setting up testing sites. Things like that," Trovato said.

Friday night, March 20, the Village of Grafton announced on Facebook that a National Guard medical unit was dispatched to the village to assist with the healthcare needs of Village Point Commons residents and staff -- the long-term care facility an Ozaukee County man in his 90s died as a result of the coronavirus Thursday, March 19. A long-term caregiver and three additional residents at the facility also tested positive.

An official with the National Guard told FOX6 News that they could arrive around 9 or 11 p.m. Friday night, March 20.