Mysterious pickle jar keeps reappearing on ramp to Missouri highway, baffling drivers

DES PERES, Mo. — Hundreds of people are following a Facebook page dedicated to a mysterious pickle jar that has been spotted for years on the ramp to northbound I-270 in Missouri.

It isn't clear who is placing the pickles on the ramp or what their motives are, but someone has consistently been placing them there since around 2012, according to KTVI.

"They have survived snowmageddon, construction and protesters. There has got to be a story behind these pickles and inquiring minds want to know," reads the "about" section of Team Pickle's Facebook page.

Reddit user Deinos_Mousike wrote this message to St. Louis in a follow-up post:

"If you read my previous post you'll see that the jar is gone sometimes, then it comes back. We as a city should come together and figure out why the jar keeps on appearing. I think this could be a pivotal moment in the city/county merger if we approach this correctly and come together."

Here are a few photos from the "Team Pickle (Des Peres, MO)" Facebook group: