Muskego PD seeks sexual assault charges against Bill Kramer

WAUKESHA CO. (WITI) -- Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel has confirmed with FOX6 News the Muskego Police Department has contacted his office asking for sexual assault charges against former Republican Assembly Majority Leader Bill Kramer.

Earlier this week, Kramer announced he will not seek re-election as a Wisconsin Representative. He remains in a rehab facility. He checked himself in following sexual harassment allegations.

Kramer was voted out of his position as Assembly Majority Leader earlier this month -- after he was accused of sexually harassing two women while in Washington, D.C., for a fundraiser. One of the women is a lobbyist and the other is a legislative staff member.

"I think in the end, his constituents and colleagues may push for him to move on - not just from the leadership position - but ultimately from his position in the Assembly," Gov. Scott Walker said when the harassment accusations came to light.

Kramer was first elected in 2006. He was chosen as majority leader, the second most powerful position in the Assembly, in October.

Schimel said Wednesday that charges referred earlier in the day by the police department were being reviewed. Schimel, a Republican, declined to comment on the details of the allegations.

Chris Haworth is a political strategist. He says Republicans made the right move in stripping Kramer of his leadership role early on.

It is now unclear how long he will stay in his elected position. It's a choice Haworth says will most likely be Kramer's.

"Ultimately the decision is up to him. If anything were to happen legislatively, the Assembly would have to vote in a two-thirds full majority, whether it be censure or removal from office. But that would take quite a bit. The fact that Kramer immediately checked into rehab, kind of tells you that obviously there is an issue going on," Haworth said.