Music video promotes autism awareness and acceptance

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The local charity Good Friend Inc. was founded seven years ago to create autism awareness and acceptance. Their message is for everyone, but it geared towards kids, specifically in elementary school.

One of the ways they deliver their message of accepting differences and inclusion is through short films. This time around, they decided to create a music video as well. Both are titled “We ALL Fit.” Thursday, the music video was premiered at Cushing Elementary in Delafield.

Two of the cast members attend Cushing -- twin brothers Jackson and Nicholas Cain. Nicholas has autism, and was one of the main characters in the film. Both he and his brother are in both the film and music video.

“I just really liked being a part of it,” said Jackson.

But it isn't just being in a film and music video that puts a smile on Jackson's face. It's the message he's helping spread.

“Everyone is different and we all have to respect that,” explained Jackson.

The fifth grader said it was also exciting to be able to share this experience with his brother.

“He had the star lead. He was the main person,” Jackson said of twin brother Nicholas. “It was just really cool. I got to be with my brother. It was really cool.”

Nathan also enjoyed doing that with his brother, and he enjoyed the project itself, “I enjoyed using the paint from we all fit and I enjoyed the music!” said Nicholas.

That's what the founders of Good Friend Inc. were hoping for when they came up with the idea of a music video.

“It was obvious we needed some kind of lasting impression and we thought music was the best way to do that,” said Denise Schamens, co-founder Good Friend Inc.

As a parent of an autistic child, Schamens wanted to help teach acceptance of autism and acceptance, and with this organization, and these films, she has found a way.

“The cool thing is now we're not only giving everyone else, all the kids, tools, but we're giving our kids a voice,” said Schamens.

Karen Cain, Jackson’s and Nicholas' mother, knows firsthand how important that can be, and how important it can be to start teaching that lesson at a young age.

“In so many ways they're different, but in so many ways, they're also very much the same as other children with their wishes and desires and what they want in their life as well,” explained Cain.

The music video was written and recorded by Milwaukee hip hop artists "The Figureheads."