Music, food and fun: Milwaukee's lakefront sees busiest night of the year ahead of fireworks show

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee's lakefront is packed with people. There is music, grilling and plenty of entertainment before the big U.S. Bank fireworks show.

It's one of the busiest nights of the year along the lakefront. There is something for everyone.

"We're all just ready for this weekend," said Erika Wallenda, toy vendor.

Mixed in with the campers are the vendors.

"We're looking forward to one of those record breaking days," said Wallenda.

From the toys that keep the kids happy, to the food satisfying appetites.

At R&D Food Services, the top sellers are summer favorites -- lemonade, corn dogs and funnel cakes.

"The line for funnel cakes can get over 100 feet, 500 feet long, just waiting for us to keep pumping them out," said Roberta Burkett, R&D Food Services.

The crew traveled from Orlando, Florida.

"It's 100 degrees at home, I love it here," said Burkett.

They say July 3rd is one of their busiest nights of the summer, expecting exhaustion when it's all over.

"Not to be able to feel my feet anymore because we will be busy," said Melinda Carroll, food vendor.

It's the entertainment before the big show. A celebrated traditions that has people coming back year after year.

"Fun, excitement, food. The atmosphere is awesome," said Carroll.