MSOE students, volunteers convert vacant lot near 24th and Center into urban garden

MILWAUKEE -- Planting the seeds to feed an entire community.

Groups of Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) students and volunteers converted a vacant lot near 24th Place and Center into an urban garden.

Twenty four garden beds were installed on Saturday.

With the help of MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary, residents nearby also received donated clothing, furniture and school supplies.

"We have a lot of hope going on here. This is a neighborhood of broken dreams. It's a food desert here, so to have an urban garden -- another urban garden -- is going to help a whole lot," said MacCanon Brown, CEO of MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary.

The area surrounding the new urban garden has a high level of lead in the water.

To help keep the residents healthy, Hydrate the Homeless MKE also provided a donation of 1,500 gallons of clean drinking water.