MPS seeks back-to-school input; parents ponder personal decision

Milwaukee Public Schools families are weighing in on whether their children will be going back to school in the next few weeks -- the district distributing a survey

MPS parents, like Evelyn Wachter, are describing the last few days as "ups and downs." During a Tuesday meeting, MPS Board members voted in favor of returning some students to the classroom.

Wachter's daughter, Lois, wasn't included.

"When the school board voted, the K-3 and K-4 students were not included, until the revision that they actually did," Wachter said.

Milwaukee Public Schools MPS

Now that the option is available, Wachter's family is making the decision for Lois to go back to the classroom -- a routine her daughter missed.

"She was very excited that she’s able to go now," said Wachter. "She is a special needs child. She has childhood apraxia of speech."

Milwaukee Public Schools survey

Wachter said the decision to go back is a personal one for all MPS families. She knows the return to school won't be long, about 33 days, but said it is the best decision for her family.

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"Virtually she has been doing well, but we will be more grateful when she goes in-person because then speech can also be provided," Wachter said.

The MPS surveys are due by Thursday, April 1. To fill out the survey, visit


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