MPS officials said they're 'making changes' after students walked out to protest school lunch quality

MILWAUKEE -- Students at Barack Obama School walked out of class Tuesday afternoon, May 21 to protest the quality of school lunches.

Roughly a dozen members of the Black Student Union walked out at 12:25 p.m. to call for healthier food options. They said other students met with Keith Posley, superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools about the menu options for the next school year, and felt the district didn't do enough to address the issue.

FOX6 News reached out to MPS officials, who provided a statement reading, in part: "Milwaukee Public Schools appreciates students who use their voices to express themselves and effect positive change in the world. We are listening to our students and making changes to next year's menu."

An MPS spokesman noted the students who took part in the protest Tuesday were not part of MPS taste-testing meetings/feedback sessions, though there were Barack Obama School students in attendance for those meetings. He also said this was not an authorized walkout. He said at least one teacher was present. It wasn't immediately clear whether the students who participated in the protest would face any disciplinary actions.

He said there could be an update on next year's menu this summer.