MPD's Homeless Outreach Team helps those in need with a big thanks to Roundy's

MILWAUKEE -- Roundy's teamed up with the Milwaukee Police Department and armed them with the tools they need to help the city's homeless.

Milwaukee Police Department Homeless Outreach Team

"You come home and your heart just breaks," said Chad Stiles with the Milwaukee Police Department.

1,400 people in Milwaukee are dealing with chronic homelessness.

"Sometimes they've lost all hope and they're at the lowest level of their lives," said Stiles.

But Milwaukee police have a team dedicated to helping them.

"We have them in every district," said Stiles.

Chad Stiles

100 officers specially trained as part of MPD's "Homeless Outreach Team," were out on Thursday, February 25th with something extra.

"Clothing, comfort materials like socks, hygiene kits," said Stiles.

Armed with "hot boxes," officers provided food and clothing for those in need -- all thanks to a big donation from Roundy's.

"Today's mission allows us another opportunity to fulfill our pledge to giving back," said James Hyland with Roundy's.

Milwaukee Police Department Homeless Outreach Team

Officers say these kinds of gifts can help build long-term relationships between officers and citizens.

The ultimate goal is to help the homeless to find permanent housing.

"We've been able to house 100 individuals chronically homeless from the period of September to January 1st. There's still a lot of folks out there," said Stiles.

Milwaukee Police Department Homeless Outreach Team

Officers with MPD's Homeless Outreach Team all volunteer to serve in addition to their normal duties. They go through a special 16-hour training program that teaches them, among other things, how to connect people with shelters and resources -- and ultimately get them housing.