MPD releases bodycam video of officer-involved shooting of Jamie Alexander

MILWAUKEE -- We're getting a firsthand look at a non-fatal officer-involved shooting from back on Monday, Nov. 12. It happened near 35th and Clarke. Milwaukee police released the video on Thursday, Dec. 27 -- keeping their pledge to be transparent with the public.

The community briefing on Thursday, differs a little from the first time footage was released in an officer-involved shooting. There was no press conference and no opportunity for reporters to ask questions.

Warning: Some of the content, language in the MPD video below is not suitable for all viewers

Jamie Alexander

It was shortly after noon on Nov. 12, 42-year-old Jamie Alexander was just shot by a Milwaukee police officer. Edited body camera footage shows the moments after the officer hit record.

In the roughly ten-minute presentation, Milwaukee police outlined details of the case.

"After a short foot chase, an officer confronted the armed subject and fired three shots. Two of them struck the subject," said Thomas Casper, Acting Captain for MPD's Homicide Division.

Officials have also released a 911 call from a witness indicating why they responded in the first place.

"It's a dude with a wife beater and black pants. He got a gun and he keep waving it towards the other dude," the 911 caller can be heard saying.

The witness was on the phone with dispatchers as police arrived.

"They just shot him," the 911 caller can be heard saying. "They just shot him. They just shot him. Your officers just shot him."

Bodycam video captures OIS shooting of Jamie Alexander

According to court documents, police say they tried to approach Alexander but say he ran. Officers allegedly asked him to stop and drop his gun. While running, police say Alexander pulled the gun out of his pocket, which prompted the officer to fire.


Alexander faces of possession of a firearm by a felon and obstructing an officer.

Alexander says it was all a misunderstanding.

"You're going to be alright dude, there's an ambulance coming," an officer can be heard saying in the body camera video.

Bodycam video captures OIS shooting of Jamie Alexander

"Man listen, I didn't try to. I panicked. I have PTSD. I took the gun from the boy. He came down from beating his sister up. I took the gun from him and put it in my pocket," Alexander can be heard saying in the body camera video.

Alexander's sister, Jacqueline Alexander, previously told FOX6 News her brother was simply trying to intervene in a domestic disturbance next door, and was afraid of being caught with a  weapon because he's a convicted felon.

Officer-involved shooting near 35th and Clarke, Milwaukee

"A young lady next door was being abused by a boyfriend/spouse. She ran over to my brother's house to use the phone. When the young lady came through the door -- the guy came through the door behind her. My brother grabbed his gun. He's already in the house. He grabs his gun. The guy runs out the door and flags down police saying 'the guy is trying to kill me' -- speaking of my brother. As my brother sees the police, he throws the gun. As he went to run off the porch, the police just started shooting. He was running away," said Jacqueline Alexander.

Milwaukee police pledged to release videos like this within 45 days of the incident. Thursday, Dec. 27 marks 45 days since the shooting.

The case also remains an open internal affairs investigation.

Officer-involved shooting near 35th and Clarke, Milwaukee

Below is a news conference Milwaukee police held a short time after the officer-involved shooting on Nov. 12.