MPD officer, suspect injured when they were struck by hit-and-run driver: "I wasn't surprised"

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee police officer was working to make an arrest when he became part of the next investigation. He and the suspect he was taking into custody were struck by a vehicle on Monday night, February 1st near 47th and Locust.

It happened around 10:00 p.m. -- and police say the vehicle did not stop after the crash.

The officer was arresting a suspect following a foot chase in a case involving a stolen vehicle.

As the officer was making the arrest, suddenly, a hit-and-run driver struck him. Police say the vehicle was headed eastbound on Locust Street prior to the crash.

"It was enough to wake me up and get me out of bed to look out the window," Bob Clarke said.

Clarke saw the commotion and police response at the scene.

"I just saw these lights bunching up on the bedroom walls so I got out of bed to look what was happening and the cop cars and the other cars just stopped here," Clarke said.

Dani Fausek says cars often speed in the area.

"My father's car has been sideswiped a number of times just from being parked because they lose control. They come around the corners. It's just bad," Fausek said.

Fausek also saw the large police presence at the scene on Monday night.

"I was hoping the officer is alright. This is a bad corner -- a bad section for accidents and everything. I wasn't surprised. They come tearing down Locust Street really fast," Fausek said.

Neighbors said they were looking forward to things getting back to normal in the neighborhood.

"We've lived here 30-plus years and we wouldn't move out. We like it a lot," Clarke said.

Both the officer and the suspect who were hit in this incident were injured. They were taken to the hospital, treated for minor injuries and released.

At this point, the striking vehicle has not been located.