MPD making their presence known for New Year's celebrations across city

As 2011 winds down, Milwaukee police are making sure everyone stays safe and enjoys the coming of the New Year.

On New Year's eve, roll call for District 5 officers was held on the corner of 25th and Locust - instead of the police station. The goal is to crack down on people who fire guns in the air to celebrate. What many people don't realize, is that the bullets also have to come down.

Police Captain Terrence Gordon held roll call in the neighborhood because of the high volume of gun shots that have happened in the area over the last 90 days and previous New Year's.

Gordon says, "Our job today is to show everybody in the neighborhoods, the thoroughfares, the main streets, and the entertainment districts that they can celebrate and safely enjoy this New Year's Eve safely."

A group of neighbors including Bennie Allen, a pastor of the Greater Little Hill Church, gathered along with the officers to thank them for their work. Allen says, "I think when they come together like they did today, it builds the relationship between the people and the 5th District Police Department."