MPD investigates apparent murder-suicide near 58th and Keefe: 'It don't make any sense'

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police were investigating what appeared to be a murder-suicide near 58th and Keefe.

The incident happened around 9 a.m. on Monday, March 18. Officials said a 27-year-old Milwaukee woman was shot by a known suspect, who then took his own life. Police said the suspected shooter was a 26-year-old Milwaukee man.

Apparent murder-suicide near 58th and Keefe

Apparent murder-suicide near 58th and Keefe

Robert Williams had a hard time wrapping his head around what happened in what he said is a typically quiet neighborhood on Milwaukee's north side.

"I raked that house and the house next door to them," Williams said. "She was a nice lady."

Williams wasn't alone.

," said Chris Hinton, neighbor.

Detectives said it was believed the victim and suspect knew one another, but officials did not disclose the nature of their relationship.

Apparent murder-suicide near 58th and Keefe

"It's sad to hear something about this -- to see this," Williams said.

Meanwhile, family members of both the victim and suspect gathered at the end of the block. They were too upset to talk -- and waiting for answers from police.

Apparent murder-suicide near 58th and Keefe

Police said they would release the names of the victims and suspect when all family members were notified.

Autopsies for both were expected to take place on Tuesday, March 19.