MPD Assistant Police Chief under investigation will retire

MILWAUKEE -- There are typically four assistant police chiefs in the Milwaukee Police Department, and each year, they are nominated by the Milwaukee Police Chief. This year, there are only three nominations for assistant chief, and the man at the center of an internal investigation was left off the list, and a police spokeswoman says he will retire.

"One of my assistant chiefs retired today. We'll move forward with the three that are in office," Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said Thursday. Assistant Police Chief Darryl Winston was in command of the Professional Standards Bureau, which makes sure officers follow the rules, but there was a question as to whether Winston was following the rules back in December 20th.

Police say they found Winston and another person idling in a vehicle in an alley near 31st and Silver Spring. They conducted a field interview and say Winston said the man he was with was his nephew. The story and activity was suspicious enough for police to launch an investigation into the assistant chief, and Winston was suspended with pay. January 5th, he announced his retirement.

The Fire and Police Commission Thursday night approved Flynn's three recommendations for assistant chief.

FOX6 visited Winston's listed address to ask about the timing of his retirement and the details of the internal investigation, but a no tresspassing sign prevented us from knocking at his door, and his phone number is unlisted.

A source close to the investigation says it is now closed, but questions remain as to the timing of the retirement announcement, the internal investigation, and the vacancy at the top of the police personnel chart.