'Moving forward in life:' New food truck creates job opportunities for victims of human trafficking

MILWAUKEE -- After months of preparation and planning, a mobile business came to Milwaukee -- designed to satisfy your cravings and help victims of human trafficking.

The Elevated Chef food truck

With bright colors and whimsical decor, this food truck is a welcomed contrast to the dark and dismal reality of human trafficking.

"All of their basic needs were stripped of them, and then replaced by someone who wanted to exploit them," said Kristina Glackin, a survivor and advocate for human trafficking victims.

Through this food truck, survivors are able to provide others with a basic need, while also helping themselves.

"One of the main asks of victims of trafficking is for a job," said Jarrett Luckett, executive director of Exploit No More. "They want to start moving forward in life."

The Elevated Chef food truck

Jarrett Luckett

Luckett spearheaded The Elevated Chef, a social enterprise supporting victims of human trafficking and those at risk. His goal was to help the victims see their potential.

"We created the business so individuals can have an opportunity to see different parts of the business, from marketing, to supply chain management, to the culinary part, as well," said Luckett.

Finally completed, the food truck began catching eyes and giving the organization a way to educate others about their mission.

The Elevated Chef food truck

The Elevated Chef food truck

"We focus on raising awareness on the issue, advocating for better rights, and laws, and services," said Luckett. "Helping individuals who have been victims of human trafficking, coming out of that life, and rebuilding their future."

That's the message Luckett also shared to a women's church group in Hales Corners. From the suburbs to the City of Milwaukee, community members and businesses partnered to support this effort and allow people to get great food for a great cause.

The Elevated Chef food truck

"It's really important that people see the issue for what it is and do something -- even if it's just purchasing a meal," said Glackin.

Organizers said the truck would hit the streets and start serving in January 2020. To find out where it will be or book it for an event, CLICK HERE.

The Elevated Chef food truck