Moving day: Greendale fire station packed up, moved up the road to Safety Center

GREENDALE -- The Greendale Fire Department is in the process of moving its rigs and everything else -- from the old fire station at the corner of Loomis and Ramsey to the Greendale Safety Center at Loomis and Grange. The move began in earnest on Thursday morning, March 10th.

Officials say there would be no interruption in service to the village with the move underway.


When the Greendale fire station was built in 1968, officials say it was considered state of the art. Here are a couple of Facebook posts the Greendale Fire Department shared in recent days.

The fire station will be replaced with a Sendik's Fresh2GO store. The store, which will include gasoline pumps, will be the second Fresh2GO location for the local chain. The other is located in Bayside.