'Move forward:' Milwaukee organization addresses inequality in community, provides meals

MILWAUKEE -- Not only are protesters marching against police brutality, many are calling for change when it comes to inequality and disparities in communities of color.

Samiyah Trussel

Andre Pirtle is packing with a purpose, impacting his community with food on Tuesday, June 9. The nutritious, free food is for children near 91st and Brown Deer Road in Milwaukee.

Samiyah Trussel was thankful: "We just came here to play, then my tummy started to grumble and I came over here."

The Summer Food Program is sponsored by the Social Development Commission. It's one of the many SDC programs designed to serve the underserved and make a difference for those in need.

Andre Pirtle passing out food

"This is just one effort we're making to be part of the solution together, as a community, we move forward to address the issues that we're hearing in the street," said Kim Brooks.

Kim Brooks

Calls for change and equality have been echoed by protesters in recent weeks, and some youth Pirtle deals with have had questions. The answers are complex and important.

"A lot of the kids I've encountered so far. I think they're still figuring things out," said Pirtle. "I think this next year, their mind will develop to figure out how this affects their reality."

SDC provides meals at several locations five days a week. The organization also offers job training and more.