Mourners gather to remember 2-month-old baby abandoned in Kenosha field

Vigil in Kenosha for Jalisa Adams-Frison

KENOSHA -- A vigil in remembrance of a 2-month-old Kenosha girl was held Saturday evening, Aug. 17 near the field where investigators believe Jalisa Adams-Frison's body was abandoned.

"We're here today just to let the world know that we're standing by this little girl, Jalisa," said Pastor Cornell Anderson, Redeemed Faith Fellowship Church.

The question on everyone's hearts is why? Suspects 36-year-old Hezile Frison and 21-year-old Monica Adams were in custody awaiting charges for hiding a corpse and harboring or aiding felons.

A photo shared of Jalisa Adams-Frison shows her sleeping, taken just days before she was last seen alive.

Vigil in Kenosha for Jalisa Adams-Frison

Cornell Anderson

"This is senseless and we need to stand up for our children," said Pastor Anderson.

As more information is released, the couple may face more charges. They were turned in to Kenosha police Wednesday, Aug. 14 by a family they had been staying with.

"To our knowledge, the baby was with other family members so we didn't question it. But as time went on, then we began to grow suspicious," said the man who provided shelter for Frison and Adams.

Hezile Frison, Monica Adams

Vigil in Kenosha for Jalisa Adams-Frison

The investigation into how the baby died is still ongoing.

"Words of comfort I give to them, that this too shall pass. The memory of this young lady will always be in our memories, and this too shall pass," Pastor Anderson said.

As those in mourning wait to hear more, they're praying in the meantime for justice for Jalisa.

Vigil in Kenosha for Jalisa Adams-Frison