Mountain Dew says sorry for Michigan map mix-up with special edition UP bottle

MICHIGAN -- Mountain Dew is apologizing for their Midwest map mix-up. This, after the company accidentally made Michigan's Upper Peninsula as part of Wisconsin in its DEWnited States ad.

In a tweet they said: "Hey, Upper Peninsula: we hear you, and we’re sorry for misplacing you on our map."

Not only are they making a right to their wrong, Mountain Dew is creating a special edition label just for the U.P.

The soda company asked Yoopers what they'd like to see on the bottle and they didn't disappoint.

Many residents replied with plenty of great ideas including the Porcupine Mountains, Mackinac Bridge, Lake Superior, waterfalls, pasties, northern lights, snowmobiling and more.

We'll wait and see what Mountain Dew comes up with.

The DEWnited States campaign, which runs through August, rewards drinkers with $100 if they collect bottles from all 50 states.