Mount Olive School racial incident, student speaks out

A student at Mount Olive Christian Day School is speaking up after he says another student made racist comments to him during school. The boy and his mother want to raise awareness – so this doesn't happen again. 

During recess, 14-year-old Kayden Palimore says another student called him several racial slurs. 

Mount Olive Christian Day School

"It’s something that you can’t really forget. It’s like a movie that plays back in your head over and over," said Kayden Palimore, student.

Palimore says Mount Olive Christian Day School suspended the other student after classmates alerted the teacher of what happened. 

"My first emotion was hurt," said Desirae Carter, mother. 

Hurt that Desirae Carter couldn't protect her son. 

"He’ll never forget this and school should be a safe environment where he shouldn’t be dealing with these things," said Carter. 

Carter says the same student made racist comments twice towards her nephew – who also goes to Mount Olive Christian Day School. 

Desirae Carter, Kayden Palimore

"We met with the principal, we met with the board, but the parents have not shown to either of the meetings," said Carter. 

FOX6 News reached out to Mount Olive Christian Day School about the situation. The principal sent FOX6 the following statement: 

"Mount Olive Christian Day School believes and teaches that every person is a child of God. Racism and other actions or words of hate are unacceptable in our school. We are currently working with the students and their families to bring about reconciliation and healing. Our administration, faculty, and board are committed to preventing this from happening in the future. We cannot comment on matters pertaining to individual students behavior or consequences."

"As a mother you want to protect your kids from things like this," said Carter.

Carter says the school needs to make changes, so it doesn't happen again. 

Kayden Palimore

"I think the staff should have some diversity, maybe there needs to be more teachers where that kids of color would feel comfortable going to. That they would feel the hurt that they’re experiencing in a situation like this. I think that they need to upgrade their policy, update it to include cyberbullying, to include hate. Not just for our brown kids anyone," said Carter. 

The mother and son say they hope sharing their story will encourage others to speak up. 

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"I would tell them to use their voice and talk to someone instead of not telling anyone because not telling anyone is going to make it worse. You’ll just have more anger and sadness built up inside," said Palimore. 

Carter told FOX6 News she hopes some day the other family will meet to share their side of the story. 


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