Motivating students: Union Grove teachers' back-to-school video goes viral

UNION GROVE (WITI) -- Teaching is much more than a job to Union Grove High School teachers Mitchell Brachmann and Jordan Hein, it's a passion. To discourage students from getting the back to school blues, they like to have a little fun.

"It's really kind of just elevated everybody's mood and attitude coming into the school year," said Hein.

This year the duo made another hit music video titled "This School" set to the tune of "Footloose."

"Mr. Brachmann and I are big fans of Jimmy Fallon and we saw the bit with Kevin Bacon and they did this huge Footloose intro and so that kind of like planted the seed," said Hein.

Brachmann and Hein started making the videos with the help of their students two years ago, first changing Jason Derulo's "In My Head" to "In My Class."

Last year, they parodied One Direction's "That's What Makes You Beautiful" to "That's What Makes School Beautiful." Now this year, it's bigger and better, as they even brought in the dance team to help with choreography.

"We have 10 hours of footage and we had to cut that down to three minutes. So you can imagine how many out takes there were when we were trying to dance," said Hein.

Hein does all the singing, but this time he couldn't use auto tune.

"Every time it comes on now, I'm like ewww. There's different parts here I twinge a little bit. But overall I'm very happy with it," said Hein.

And the video has been a hit on YouTube.

"We are over 20,000 hits more than we had on either of the previous two so we were just 70,000 this morning," said Brachmann.

They've been grabbing the attention of people across the country, but most importantly they're getting student's attention and stirring up excitement about school.

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