Mother of 4 posts unedited selfie after hearing she has 'perfect body'

SUMTER, S.C. -- A South Carolina mom is making waves on the internet for a photo she posted to Facebook exposing her stomach.

Kimberly Henderson, a singer and songwriter, explained how she is frequently told that she has “the perfect body." Henderson wanted to expose her unedited and perfect-just-the-way-it-is body after having four kids.

She wrote “we ARE moms and we ARE superheroes and we freakin' ROCK and in my opinion that is sexier than any 6 pack!”

She said the four smiling faces she wakes up to everyday are worth the flabby belly and the stretch marks.

The photo has been shared more than 10,000 times and has gained more than 100,000 likes since she posted it.

This is not the first time Henderson has experienced some time in the spotlight. Last year she posted her rendition of “How Will I Know” on YouTube that has over 5 million views. Although she has been rejected from American Idol three times, Henderson said record companies have now taken an interest in her talent.

She recently released a song about being a single mother.