Mosquitoes 'bad' in Wisconsin, Mosquito Squad sees increase in calls

If you’ve felt that the mosquitoes were bad the past few weeks in southeast Wisconsin, you’re not alone. 

With the weather we’ve had in August, with heat and storms, those at Mosquito Squad in Brookfield said the bugs are biting, and they’ve been busy. 

"It’s definitely that bad," said Susan Williams, Mosquito Squad. "The past two weeks, we’ve really seen an increase in our calls. I think with the high humidity, the rain we’ve experienced, we’ve definitely seen an increase in our sales. Our technicians are out working full days five days a week, so we’ve definitely seen an increase."

If you've spent any time outdoors, you've likely noticed bugs aplenty, and that’s especially true for mosquitoes.

"Heavily wooded areas, a lot of foliage, areas that are low-lying that are going to hold water when it rains," said Williams. "People that have kids, and dogs and things like that, even if we leave things outside like toys and things like that, tarps, things on woodpiles, anything that can hold a cap full of water is going to breed a lot more mosquitoes."

While their job is primarily focused on prevention, there’s also a health aspect that comes along with it.

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"We’ve got the issue with malaria," said Williams. "We’ve got West Nile, and we are also concerned about heartworm. Mosquitoes can transmit heartworm to our pets.  We come out and take care of your yard. We eliminate 85% to 90% of mosquitoes and adult ticks."


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