More victims come forward in Facebook stock scam

OSHKOSH -- She always had the best of everything: new cars, expensive jewelry and nice clothes, but all her riches came at a price! Now, an Oshkosh woman is behind bars, accused of using a Facebook scam to finance her lifestyle.

A visibly emotional Marianne Olseson sat in a Winnebago County courtroom Thursday. The sight was a far cry from the woman alleged victims say was a hard-driving saleswoman.

Court records indicate Oleson used her charm to scam at least five people out of thousands of dollars each, selling them fake shares of Facebook stock. Jerry Heise isn't listed in the criminal complaint, but says he too, was scammed by Oleson. "It's just a shame we put trust in humanity. This lady was really, really good and played on emotions and I just can't believe somebody was that cold," Heise said.

Sometimes, the stock was given in exchange for services or gifts. Randy Stafford was doing remodeling work on Oleson's home in the town of Black Wolf when she allegedly told him she could not pay the $18,000 she owed. Stafford says Oleson then offered Facebook stock as a form of payment. "I was still thinking she has to have something. This woman has so much information, and she is backing it up with more information," Stafford said.

Stafford says he invested another $10,000 of his own money. Others also gave thousands in a deal they thought was too good to pass up. "She had brand new cars, nice clothes, a $7,000 jacket, $80,000 diamond ring. There was no reason not to believe the stories," Heise said.

In court Thursday, prosecutors revealed at least two more victims have come forward. Investigators believe there are still more out there. Meanwhile, Oleson's alleged victims are left to wonder when or if they will ever get their money back. "I'm just sick to my stomach. I believed this woman. I trusted her," Stafford said.

Oleson is still behind bars on a $50,000 cash bond. She will be back in court to enter a plea on the charges later this month.