MORE turkey trouble in SE WI: HAWS officials called out to Walmart for unusual shopper!

WAUKESHA -- Why did the turkey go into Walmart? That's the question officials with the Humane Animal Welfare Society asked themselves on Monday, March 27th when they were called out to the Walmart Supercenter on West Avenue near the Les Paul Parkway in Waukesha.

Apparently, this turkey had some shopping to do!

HAWS' animal rescuer was called out to assist with the unusual shopper. HAWS officials later wrote about the incident on their Facebook page, saying: "We're not sure if Ms. Turkey got all the items she needed, but she certainly got personalized service!"

HAWS officials said after a quick check-up she was released unharmed, "to continue with her a more suitable turkey environment."

Just one day prior, on Sunday, March 26th, Washington County sheriff's deputies responded to a home in the Town of West Bend for a report of a turkey that BROKE IN, via a second-story window!

That turkey was removed from the home, and "released from custody with no charges."