More rent-to-own stores may be hitting Wisconsin

MADISON (WITI) -- A controversial item in the Governor's budget proposal may allow more out-of-state rent-to-own stores to come into Wisconsin.

Tough transparency laws have kept most of these stores out of the state. Walker's proposal would lower regulations on the stores and eliminate the requirement to post interest rates.

Opponents say the stores prey on the poor and vulnerable. While payments are low, products often end up costing hundreds more by the time they are paid off.

Community leaders and law makers held a press conference April 26th to raise questions about what the plan is doing in a Wisconsin budget.

"It's really unfortunate at a time when we are sorting out so many other issues in the budget, they decide to slide this baby in there," said Republican Glenn Grothman.

Republican Senator Alberta Darling co-chairs the committee where Walker's budget proposal is currently being combed through. Like every budget, she says each issue will get its turn in the spotlight.

"For every item that is in the budget, we have the opportunity to take it out when we get there. So I'm sure that will be a very lively debate," said Darling.

The issue could be taken up in the committee within the next few weeks.