Monday, December 10th is busiest shipping day for FedEx

MILWAUKEE -- As of Monday, December 10th, there are just 15 days left until Christmas. For FedEx, Monday marked the busiest shipping day of the year, as many looked to get their holiday packages to their destinations. 

FedEx Courier Joe Douville said he believes Cyber Monday is the reason Monday is designated the busiest shipping day for FedEx. He says many companies offered free shipping for online purchases.

"My opinion is because more people are shopping online. The total today will be 19 million (packages). It's a far cry from back int he day and during a normal day. You're probably going anywhere from three to four times the amount of a daily average," Douville said.

One FedEx courier delivered 120 packages Monday. Douville only delivered a few packages. His main duty on Monday was to pick up packages for delivery.

"A customer will call us to pick up a package, and then it`ll go through our system and travel throughout the night down to our hub system and then come back and be disbursed worldwide, and then it`ll all start out again when the delivery crew, the couriers will get their freight in the morning and deliver the package," Douville said.

The holiday season is an especially busy time for FedEx couriers with long hours, but Douville says they are prepared. Douville says he loves some of the reactions he gets when making residential deliveries.

"A lot of people are kind of set back and they don`t know what to expect because they think that they`re getting charged for something. Then they`ll look and they`ll say `oh, it`s a present from so and so.' If they `re not anticipating getting anything -- that`s neat," Douville said.

Those shipping FedEx this holiday season should be sure their packages are dropped off by December 17th.