Mom of teen allegedly sexually assaulted by teacher speaks out

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The mother of a 14-year-old Messmer High student, who prosecutors say was sexually assaulted by his female teacher, is speaking out.

"Devastation, trauma. I was hurt, more emotional than anything," said the victim's mother, who did not wish to be identified.

The mother of the victim said she never thought something like this would happen to a good student who is involved in several school activities.

"I wasn't aware, so that's why I was so devastated. That's why it was so mind blowing," said the mother. "The activities my children are in in the school, my son did a news report on the school. So much -- trophies, awards."

Charges against 28-year-old Megan Garland, a science teacher at Messmer High, were filed on Tuesday, May 28th. The teacher and student were found in a car together in a church parking lot on May 23rd. Officials say after her arrest, Garland attempted suicide and is now under medical treatment.

"Never dreamt it. This is something to me, as a parent, you see on TV. You watch Lifetime and you hear the stories and you're like okay they're making that up. You hear more males doing it than females. It makes a big difference, even the way people are responding to it in schools, people are making a big difference, it's not a difference. Wrong is wrong. Whether it's a female or a male, wrong is wrong," said the mother of the victim.

This mother says she plans to take her family to counseling and that only time and prayer will bring healing. She hopes Garland will have plenty of time in prison to think about the damages she's caused.

"I want her to know that justice is going to be served. I want her to know this will bring the community together. I hope and I want her to know that she damaged my family greatly. And I would want her to think about that," said the mother.

The District Attorney's office says there is a second victim, and more charges will be added on Friday, May 31st. The first victim's mother says she believes there are even more victims.

Messmer released a statement Thursday, May 30th, that reads in part:

Everyone at Messmer Catholic Schools was saddened and outraged to hear of additional allegations in the current investigation being conducted by the Milwaukee Police Department. Such conduct, if proven true, is unacceptable at Messmer Catholic Schools and we take any such allegations very seriously. We continue to cooperate fully with the Milwaukee Police Department in this ongoing investigation.