Mom of girl seen stomping woman during bus attack speaks out

MILWAUKEE -- Maureen Wells says she's the mother of 12-year-old Angelique, seen in surveillance video stomping a 24-year-old mother on a Milwaukee County bus last week. Authorities say the woman on the ground was trying to get to her two-year-old child.

Wells says when she saw the video she was shocked. "When I saw it, I was like 'I cannot believe this is my child, stomping a lady like this,'" Wells said.

Wells said in the video, you can clearly see the woman hit the 12-year-old girl first. Wells says her daughter and the 24-year-old woman had a run in earlier this year. She says when the two saw one another on the bus, the 24-year-old picked a fight. "The lady was handing her the phone like, here, you call whoever you want. They can get it too. Call anybody," Wells said.

In the surveillance video, you can clearly see Angelique knock away the cell phone, before the 24-year-old throws the first punch, and the fight finds its way to the floor. "She started beating my baby in her head," Wells said. A friend in pink tried to help Angelique out, and everyone eventually ends up outside, where Wells wishes her daughter would have stayed, but both parties involved got back on the bus. "She made the wrong choice. It was over," Wells said.

That's when the stomping incident occurs. Wells argues any 12-year-old would be worked up, though she's not excusing anything. "I understand my daughter. I'm not saying she was right. She even admits she was wrong," Wells said.

Wells says all the adults on the bus share the blame, from the driver who didn't stop to the onlookers, to the 24-year-old woman. "I'm not saying my daughter was right. I'm saying she was wrong in the first place," Wells said.