Mobil gas station employee says teenage mob stole products

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Mobil gas station near Lovers Lane and Silver Spring was looted, and one worker says they believe it was the work of a teenage mob! Surveillance photos taken at the gas station show several teens at the gas station, and police are hoping you can help identify them.

Police say a group of kids may have first gathered outside of the gas station, possibly in the parking lot. Then, they all went inside, and employees say the teens took what never belonged to them.

Danielle Jachowicz was working at the gas station at the time, and says before the mob of kids stole anything, one of them asked her if she sold bus passes, and she said "no." "He said 'alright then, I'm just going to take this, and he just started to take candy off the shelves by the door," Jachowicz said.

Jachowicz said there were probably about 10 more boys that came into the gas station, and started taking candy. "They knocked over the windshield wiper fluid, and all the newspaper stands. They were all just laughing, having a good time, trashing the front of my store," Jachowicz said.

Jachowicz estimates about $500 in treats that were taken. Law enforcement released still surveillance photos taken inside the gas station, hoping people can identify the boys and call police. The gas station is posting the pictures as well.

If you have any information as to the identity of any of the individuals pictured, you're asked to call 414-935-7360, as police would like to speak with them.