MKE Heroin Diaries March spreads awareness about drug addiction

MILWAUKEE -- Raising awareness of overdoses due to opioids, heroin and prescription pill usage -- that was the goal of the "MKE Heroin Diaries March" on Saturday, March 4th.

Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West, teamed up with church groups, private businesses and non-profits to form the organization.

Participants marched through a south side neighborhood to encourage people to speak up about the drug problem and draw support from each other.


"We need to get our voices out there, get them together and be a support to each other. Find resources, get resources if they're not out there and to work together to legislatively make a difference," said West.

West, whose nephew died from a drug overdose, is also encouraging people to work with law enforcement. West says five town halls are scheduled throughout Milwaukee County to educate and share resources.