Mix-up at Walmart left 2-year-old with cake reading: 'Happy birthday Loser'

MISSOURI -- A mix-up at a Missouri Walmart store left a little girl with a birthday cake that read: "Happy birthday Loser."

The photo of 2-year-old Elizabeth Jones went viral.

Her mom, Melin Jones, said as she was leaving the store, she realized what the cake said.

She said she asked for the cake to read: "Happy birthday Lizard" -- Elizabeth's nickname.

Jones ended up getting a new cake with Elizabeth's real name on it.

While Elizabeth looks glum in the photo, Melin Jones said they didn't tell her what the cake said -- and she can't read.

"Even if we did tell her that the cake said 'Loser,' she doesn't know what a loser is, so chill. Laugh. It's funny," said Jones.

The cake mixup happened in September 2018, but the family reposted the photos and they went viral.