Mitt Romney to campaign into Election Day Tuesday

(CNN) -- The frenetic pace of presidential campaigning that has crested in the last few days -- in which the candidates or their surrogates hit 10 states -- won't end when voters go to the polls on Tuesday, November 6th. Republican candidate Mitt Romney will campaign in two states on Election Day - Ohio and Pennsylvania - according to a Romney campaign official.

Campaigning on Election Day, a senior Romney adviser says, will help "keep the energy going" until the polls close. The idea is that the campaign is "just going to keep working up until the polls close," said the same Romney adviser.

On Monday, President Barack Obama and Romney spent the final hours of the campaign making a mad dash through battleground states in a push to sway a closely divided electorate ahead of Tuesday's election.

The candidates final push for votes comes as national polls show the race is incredibly close. CNN's Poll of Polls, an average of eight non-partisan, live operator national polls of likely voters, finds Obama barely leading Romney 49% to 48%.

At his first event of the day in Florida, Romney warned supporters of further financial trouble unless voters choose to send him to the White House.

"Unless we change course," Romney said at his first event of the day in Sanford, Florida. "We may be looking at another recession."

Romney struck a big-picture tone at his first event. Though there were a few attack lines directed at the president, the Republican candidate spent a great deal of time outlining what he would do from the Oval Office.

"Tomorrow, we begin a new tomorrow. Tomorrow, we begin a better tomorrow. This nation is going to begin to change for the better tomorrow," he told the excited crowd. "We can begin a better tomorrow, tomorrow. And with the help of the people in Florida, that's exactly what's going to happen."

According to a campaign senior adviser, Romney's message on this last day was focused on "those last few undecideds."

After his Florida event, Romney flew to Lynchburg, Richmond and Fairfax, Virginia for campaign events. Following those stops, Romney rallied in Columbus, Ohio, and finished in Manchester, New Hampshire, where Kid Rock performed. He then made the short trip to Boston, where he'll spend Election Day.

"We are going to have a victory party (in Boston) (Tuesday) night after the results come in and we elect the next president of the United States," Romney campaign spokesperson Kyle Downey said.

In Ohio, Romney continued to make his case for why he should replace Obama. The Buckeye State's 18 electoral votes are key because no Republican has ever taken the White House without winning them.

Downey told FOX6 News the candidate is energized, heading into Election Day.

"He looks very energized. It's been a long road, but he's feeding off the crowds. We've had huge record turnout crowds in these last two weeks," Downey said.

Monday's frenetic campaigning came after an equally fast-paced weekend.

Romney used his campaign stops Sunday to hammer at Obama's record, particularly on the economy, saying it didn't warrant returning him to Washington.

"Throughout this campaign, using everything he can think of, President Obama has tried to convince you his last four years have been a success," Romney said at a rally in Cleveland. "So his plan for the next four years is to take all the ideas from his first term -- the borrowing, Obamacare and all the rest -- and do them all over again. He calls his plan 'forward.' I call it forewarned."

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