Mitt Romney rallies in Milwaukee leading up to Election Day

MILWAUKEE -- Wisconsin goes to the ballot box Tuesday, April 3rd to weigh in on the presidential race. The two leading candidates for the Republican nomination worked for every vote in every corner of the state on the eve of the election.

Mitt Romney wrapped up a rally in Milwaukee late Monday afternoon. He had been in Green Bay earlier in the day.

Even though several independent polls show Romney with a comfortable lead over Rick Santorum in Wisconsin, Romney says he's not taking anything for granted in this critical battleground.

Romney put business concerns first during a visit to Milwaukee's Moore Oil Company Monday evening. Romney said if elected, he would give businesses like Moore Oil needed tax relief, cut federal spending and balance the budget.

Congressman Paul Ryan was by Romney's side again Monday, after endorsing him and campaigning with him over the weekend. Although there has been intense speculation that Romney could be looking to Ryan as a potential vice-presidential running mate, should he clinch the GOP nomination, Romney says right now, he's focused on earning the GOP nomination for president, and not a vice-presidential candidate choice. However, Romney did not rule out selecting Ryan for the position. "Surely he is on the list of the very top people in our party," Romney said.

Romney said he doesn't know how long that list is, because he "hasn't put it together." He said he and Ryan have talked a lot over the past few days about the economy and other issues facing our nation.

Romney will be holding a watch party in Milwaukee as results come in following Tuesday's election. FOX6 News is told Romney will be the only presidential candidate remaining in the state on Election Day.