Mitchell International sees few delays despite winter weather

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The significant snowfall on Sunday, December 22nd not only affected travel on the ground, but in the air. However many fliers at Mitchell International airport Sunday were pleasantly surprised at how few flights were affected by the storm.

"I thought for sure there'd be a lot of delays so I came in early just hoping for the best," said Don Miller, who was picking up his son.

Miller discovered a vast majority of the flights in and out of Milwaukee were right on schedule.

"I was thinking 'terrific!' I couldn't believe it because I thought for sure the planes would be delayed at least and hour, two hours, who knows," said Miller.

Not everyone had such good luck with their travel plans. Kristen Andrews says she will end up spending the night at the airport after her flight was cancelled.

"My original path is completely booked until Wednesday so I have to create a new path through some different cities to get home before the holidays," said Andrews, who is working through the delay. "Being flexible and understanding I'm definitely not the only person in this boat, being positive. I'm just excited and happy I get to be home eventually, whether it takes a couple extra hours or extra days, having that opportunity is great."

A fair amount of flights to Chicago were cancelled due to Sunday's weather. Lengthy delays also plagued flights to cities ranging from Minneapolis to Tampa.